MINI-AT Corrector

Honeywell Mercury MINI-AT Corrector is a full-featured electronic gas volume corrector providing corrected gas volume with an audit trail.

MINI-AT Corrector
The Mini-AT is a standalone full-featured electronic gas volume corrector. The electronic corrector can mount on rotary and turbine meters and diaphragm gas meters that have a rotating shaft (instrument drive) output. The Mini-AT is also compatible with meters that provide high or low-frequency meter pulses when retrofitted with the applicable interface board.

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Features & Benefits

MINI-AT Corrector

The user can connect to the Mini-AT through Mini-AT Link or MasterLink32 software on a desktop PC, Laptop, Palm, or Pocket PC computer, to configure and download the Mini-AT. The Mini AT is available in standard meter mount, wall mount and pipe stand mount.

The electronic corrector's primary function is to correct the gas meter volume and record the customer's usage information. It is essentially the cash register between the utility and the customer. Correctors produce accurate results from 0.002%-0.005% of the corrector's pressure range.