Mini-Max Corrector

The Honeywell Mercury Instruments MINI-MAX is an affordable line of natural gas correctors designed for basic volume measurement and PT correction.

MINI-MAX® Corrector
The MINI-MAX is Honeywell Mercury Instruments affordable line of correctors designed for essential volume measurement and correction. Models available are MINI-MAX, MINI-MAX-AT & MINI-MAX-ATX. These quality and reliable electronic correctors often upgrade mechanical units and enhance the efficiency of the users’ natural gas operations.

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Features & Benefits

Mini-Max Corrector

The Mini-Max is small and has low power requirements. A user can achieve up to four+ years of performance on alkaline batteries under typical conditions. There is a continuous LCD of corrected volume, with programmable pulse lengths. The unit has audit trail memory of 41 days or 41 days of hourly (Mini Max®-AT) or 400 days of hourly (Mini Max®-ATX) corrected volume, uncorrected volume, average pressure, and average temperature.