Trenton Wax Tape for High-Temperature and High-Moisture Applications

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It has been many years since Trenton HT 3000, Wax Tape for high-temperature applications was released. Here is an example of how the HT-3000 performs well, even in challenging conditions.

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Trenton HT-3000 High-Temperature Tape

Trenton HT-3000 offers corrosion protection for metal pipe and irregularly shaped piping fittings in both internal and external high-temperature applications. The tape is non-toxic, easy to apply, and used in diverse field conditions, including high moisture. HT-3000 can be applied to the pipe, fittings, and valves, whether coated or bare. It is ideal for in-service oil and gas piping, process piping, compressor station piping, and other locations when temperatures are higher than 110 °F but less than 230 °F.

The tape is used for both below ground and above ground corrosion prevention. It is UV resistant. Since there is no cure time, the location can be backfilled after the application.

The product is typically applied with Trenton Temcoat 3000 primer. In conditions of exposed pipe or where mechanical protection is required, using MC Outerwrap on top of the tape will provide additional protection and fast curing. The moisture-cured wrap starts curing when exposed to humidity and creates a resilient coating.

Trenton-HT-3000-Three-Years-On-PipeA Case Study – Three Years of Performance

A natural gas utility company had a section of metal pipe with irregularly shaped surfaces from pipe fittings. It was in an area of constant high moisture because of an irrigation system. Additionally, summer months would reach upwards of 117 °F, and the pipe surface temperatures were relatively elevated. Historically, it had been difficult to protect the section of pipe from corrosion.

Over the three years, the Trenton HT-3000 High-Temperature Anti-Corrosion System has solved the corrosion predicament. The pipe and coating have performed well and appear new.

Do you have a challenging application?

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