Rotary and Turbine Gas Meter Oiler and Lubrication Methods

 In Measurement and Control of Natural Gas

Rotary and turbine gas meters require regular lubrication to ensure accurate measurement, reliability and enhance the service life of the equipment. To assist our customers, we currently recommend the following IMAC Systems meter oilers to lubricate and drain their gas meters.

How often the meter requires an oil change will depend on the gas. Meters operating in dirty gas conditions, high pressure, and high flow applications will require more frequent lubrication. In all cases always check with the meter manufacturer for the recommended oil type and frequency of oil change.

K-1600 Rotary Meter

The K-1600 oiler works for rotary meters and simplifies the oil change process so that the oil can be changed while the meter is still operating and does not require an interruption of service. The K-1600 oiler is a thumb-operated oil pump capable of pumping oil into a meter through test plugs with pressures up to 80 PSI. The oiler’s reservoir has a powder-coated copper bronze finish and a capacity of up to one quart. Included with this system are a replaceable flexible hydraulic hose, brass check valve, and insertion needle. Download the product brochure.

The K-1650 waste oil assembly offers a simple, environmentally friendly, and spill-proof method to drain the rotary meter oil through test plugs. The bottle and hose assembly trap the meter’s waste oil in a one-quart poly bottle, which has an air vent to prevent pressure buildup.

EZ Gas Turbine Meter

gas meter oiler

The EZ Gas Meter Oiler is a medium pressure hydraulic oil pump for turbine meters with Zerk or Alemite fittings. It can also accommodate rotary gas meters with test plugs installed. The EZ Oiler is a hand-operated oiler and capable of servicing meters with pressures up to 500 PSI (a higher pressure option is available). The reservoir is powder coated with precision machined components including a relief valve. The device also includes a replaceable hydraulic hose, brass check valve, and pressure gauge. The hose includes either a Zerk fitting (for turbine meters) or a needle for rotary meters with test plugs installed. Download the product brochure.

If you would like more information on either of these two oilers, call us at (303) 697-6701 or request a quote now.

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