Honeywell Elster Turbine Meter Authorized Distributor

 In Measurement and Control of Natural Gas

Linc Energy Systems is now an authorized distributor of the Honeywell Elster TRZ2 and SM-RI-X turbine meter, perfect for measuring natural gas in both fiscal and nonfiscal applications.

Honeywell Elster Turbine Meter TRZ2 and SM-RI-X

honeywell elster turbine meter TRZ2-cThe Honeywell Elster TRZ2 and SM-RI-X turbine meters are ideal for custody transfer as well as measuring natural gas consumption at gas distribution and transmission facilities, industrial plants, and business uses. Over the decades, this meter has demonstrated accuracy from its first calibration to the end of its long lifetime. For this reason, the Honeywell Elster gas turbine meters are the preferred choice for standard gas metering applications at gas distribution companies around the world. Meters are available in sizes 2″ to 24″ and in pressure classes ranging from ANSI 150 to ANSI 600.

How does a turbine meter work?

Gas flows through the meter and sets a turbine wheel in motion. The number of rotations of the wheel is relative to the volume of gas passing through the meter. A flow straightener is installed to eliminate flow disturbances, such as swirl or asymmetric flow created by bends and Ts in the pipeline. After the flow conditioner, the cross-section of the meter is reduced, which increases flow velocity, and accordingly, increases the driving impulse of the gas on the turbine wheel. A mechanical or electronic index on the meter gives the user the total value of gas flowing through the meter at operating conditions.

What problems does it solve?

Honeywell Elster turbine meters provide reliable and accurate natural gas volume flow measurements in a wide range of sizes and pressure ratings while being compliant with international standards. If you would like more information about these new offerings at Linc Energy Systems, visit:

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