iFilters Bridge the Gap between Line Filters and Strainers

 In Gas Filtration

Introducing the IMAC Systems iFilter, a threaded inline natural gas filter satisfying the gap between inline filters and strainers for ¾”–2″ gas lines. iFilters protect meters, regulators, valves, pumps, engines, other mechanical equipment, and downstream equipment from foreign material.

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Inline Natural Gas Filter Removes Dust

The iFilters satisfy a gap between full-sized line filters and strainers, filling a niche with its ability to filter out fine particulate, like black dust cost-effectively. The iFilter family has superior characteristics to competitor options.

ifilter Natural Gas Inline Filter installation guide

Protect Residential Ultrasonic Meters

Model i0750 (3/4″) & Model i1000 (1″)

infographic gas filtration

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The iFilters are ideal for protecting ultrasonic residential meters (Itron, Sensus & American). These meters’ sensors are sensitive to particulates, and the 5-micron cellulose paper is perfect for protecting them.

Also, the new ultrasonic residential meters promise a “shut-off” valve incorporated into the design.  This shut-off valve is potentially dangerous if it does not shut off all the way and permits gas to pass (after the pilots have extinguished in the house). The filter helps prevent buildup on the valve shut-off seat.

  • When clean, the ¾” filter can pass about 450 CFH of natural gas with a 1″ WC pressure drop.
  • The 1″ filter can pass about 550 CFH of natural gas with a 1″ WC pressure drop when clean.

Filter Rotary Meter Sets

Model i1250 (1-1/4″), Model i1500 (1-1/2″), & Model i2000 (2″)

The larger iFilters (1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, and 2″) filter upstream (high-pressure side) of small-to-medium commercial rotary meter sets, also protecting downstream appliances. The 1-1/4″  and 1-1/2″  are the same unit, only differing in threads. At the same time, the 2″ is a larger filter.

The Details

The iFilters bodies are manufactured from high-grade ductile iron, allowing a pressure rating of 180 PSIG in ambient conditions. The filters feature a 5-micron cellulose pleated element; its large section contributes to a minimal pressure drop at typical flow rates. The filter element is long and pleated, allowing a large surface area, facilitating prolonged use. The filters have female threads on both sides; one side is a union-style fitting for easy installation and removal, which seals on a buna (std) o-ring. The filters also have an anodized metal nameplate with UV and chemical resistance and are embossed with a unique serial number. The pressure ratings on the filters can be installed at the meter set’s inlet side, affording protection to the regulator, valve, meter, and customer’s appliances.

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IMAC Systems manufactures the iFilters in the USA and packages each separately with quick-start installation instructions.

Image by yusuf kazancı from Pixabay.

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