iFilters Bridge the Gap between Line Filters and Strainers

 In Gas Filtration

Introducing the IMAC Systems iFilter, a threaded inline natural gas filter satisfying the gap between inline filters and strainers for ¾”–2″ gas lines. iFilters protect meters, regulators, valves, pumps, engines, and other mechanical equipment and downstream equipment from foreign material.

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Inline Natural Gas Filter Removes Dust

The iFilters satisfy a gap between full-sized line filters and strainers, filling a niche with its ability to filter out fine particulate, like black dust, cost-effectively. The iFilter family has superior characteristics to competitor options.

ifilter Natural Gas Inline Filter installation guide

Protect Residential Ultrasonic Meters

Model i0750 (3/4″) & Model i1000 (1″)

The iFilters are ideal for protecting ultrasonic residential meters (Itron, Sensus & American). These meters’ sensors are sensitive to particulates, and the 5-micron cellulose paper is perfect for protecting them.

Also, the new ultrasonic residential meters promise a “shut-off” valve incorporated into the design. This shut-off valve is potentially dangerous if it does not shut-off all the way and permits gas to pass (after the pilots have extinguished in the house). The filter helps prevent buildup on the valve shut-off seat.

  • When clean, the ¾” filter can pass about 450 CFH of natural gas with a 1″ WC pressure drop.
  • When clean, the 1″ filter can pass about 550 CFH of natural gas with a 1″ WC pressure drop.

Filter Rotary Meter Sets

Model i1250 (1-1/4″), Model i1500 (1-1/2″), & Model i2000 (2″)

The larger iFilters (1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, and 2″) filter upstream (high-pressure side) of small-to-medium commercial rotary meter sets, also protecting downstream appliances. The 1-1/4″ and 1-1/2″ are the same unit, only differing in threads, while the 2″ is a larger filter.

The Details

The iFilters bodies are manufactured from high-grade ductile iron, allowing a pressure rating of 180 PSIG in ambient conditions. The filters feature a 5-micron cellulose pleated element; its large section contributes to a minimal pressure drop at typical flow rates. The filter element is long and pleated, allowing a large surface area, facilitating prolonged use. The filters have female threads on both sides; one side is a union-style fitting for easy installation and removal, which seals on a buna (std) o-ring. The filters also have an anodized metal nameplate with UV and chemical resistance and embossed with a unique serial number. The pressure ratings on the filters can be installed at the meter set’s inlet side, affording protection to the regulator, valve, meter, and customer’s appliances.

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IMAC Systems manufactures the iFilters in the USA and packages each separately with quick-start installation instructions.

Image by yusuf kazancı from Pixabay.

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