Natural Gas Strainers – Union Style

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We now offer IMAC Systems union-style natural gas strainers to protect residential gas meters, regulators, and other equipment from harmful debris. The strainers are an inexpensive way to protect people and equipment. They’re easy to install, available in sizes ¾ to 2 inches, in 60 mesh with a Cl 3000 C/S union.

Natural Gas Strainer – Union Style
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Nicholas Kohart of IMAC Systems says, “The new union strainer will complement the IMAC iFilter line, inline t-strainers, and gasket strainers.” IMAC offers various styles and sizes of strainers, including T strainers, gasket strainers, temporary strainers, and gas filters. The iFilter is a threaded natural gas inline filter that satisfies the gap between full-sized line filters and a strainer.

3 Applications for the Union Strainer

  1. union strainer imacResidential Meter Set Constraints—The union strainer satisfies clients with limited space to install a full filter or those who need to work within an existing meter set configuration and have budget constraints.
  2. Residential Ultrasonic Meters – As local distribution companies turn toward ultrasonic meters (Itron, Sensus & American) for their residential gas meters, the union strainer (and iFilter) will help protect these meter sensors from particulates. The new ultrasonic residential meters with internal shut-off valves that do not have filtration for particulates may present a dangerous situation. If the shut-off does not entirely close, gas will pass, which can be dangerous when pilots are extinguished. The union strainer helps prevent buildup on the shut-off valve’s seat, which could cause the shut-off valve to fail.
  3. Residential regulator – Placing a union strainer upstream of the residential regulator will protect the regulator.

Union Strainer Assembly for Gas

The union strainer is an assembly that includes a Class 3000 union with a conical screen sandwiched in it. The union is forged steel manufactured in the USA, and the strainer is stainless steel (60 mesh). The straining element’s surface area is greater than 1.5x the pipeline’s ID; the greater surface area permits minimal differential pressure across the straining element.

Specifications for Gas Union Strainer

  • Union: Carbon Steel A/SA105 (MSS SP38), Class 3000
  • Strainer: 304 SST, 60 mesh
  • Sizes: ¾”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, and 2”

If you’d like a quote on this simple, cost-effective way to protect people and equipment, download the cut sheet or message us now.

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