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GPL Odorizers, the manufacturer of environmentally responsible natural gas odorization systems, released its low-flow or low volume odorizer, the GPL 750. The 750 is accurate and repeatable, providing optimal odorant injection even in low flow and intermittent flow conditions.

Low Volume Odorizer

Spencer Toft and Low Flow OdorizerThe GPL 750 uses patented drip technology to inject a fixed measure of odorant into the gas stream, ensuring accurate and repeatable odorization in the most challenging conditions. Even in low-flow and intermittent-flow conditions, the odorizer provides odorization proportionate to gas volume. The 750 also functions well in no-flow situations. It is simple in design, eco-friendly, and SMART (offering remote data and control capabilities).

Ventless and SMART

What makes GPL Odorizers unique and perhaps the most eco-friendly odorizer is that no pipeline gas actuates the injector. This patented approach means that no gas discharges during regular operation, which eliminates ecological concerns and reduces regulatory efforts. Having a ventless unit also reduces odor, improves safety, saves pipeline gas, and lowers leak-call complaints.

The GPL 750 integrates a Horner advanced controller to interface with the odorizer. The all-in-one Horner controls all essential mechanisms to sustain constant odorization proportional to flow. The system’s controller can be accessed remotely (SMART) through a computer or smartphone to the program, to respond to alarms or change parameters. Of course, the programmable touchscreen permits simple onsite programming.

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For more information on this new product offering, visit GPL 750 or call today at (303) 697-6701.

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