Manufacturer Spotlight: Harrison Baer from GPL Odorizers

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From time to time, Linc Energy Systems showcases our principal’s employees. This manufacturer spotlight features Harrison Baer, the newest member of GPL Odorizers. GPL manufactures natural gas odorization equipment. Linc Energy is a master distributor and authorized service provider and now even offers equipment training for GPL Odorizers.

harrison baer gpl odorizers electrical engineer

Harrison Baer, Programming Engineer from GPL Odorizers

Harrison Baer is the newest member of GPL Odorizers. He interned with GPL Odorizers during his senior year at the Colorado School of Mines in 2021. Senior management for GPL Odorizers says they were so impressed by Harrison and his mad computer programming skills that they asked him to join their team full-time after graduating magna cum laude with a degree in electrical engineering.

As a programming engineer, Harrison conducts code audits during site visits, and researches and develops ways to advance GPL Odorizers’ products.

Keeping it Green

“We must keep pushing to design and maintain products that operate as clean and energy efficient as possible,” says Harrison. “My colleagues and I are always thinking about improving products to work in harmony with the environment. At the end of the day, I want to know that I’ve helped make changes for the better.”

Paying it Forward

Computer programming may be Harrison’s favorite workday jam, but this Colorado native, raised in Littleton, is also an avid skier, hiker, and kickboxer.

He can often be found on the slopes on winter weekends and vacations. “I love skiing, snow, and the ski culture of the Rockies.” Harrison shares his love for skiing in Winter Park as a volunteer with the National Sports Center for the disabled. “There’s no better feeling than teaching someone to ski,” he says with genuine enthusiasm. “Assisting and witnessing someone with a certain handicap experience the freedom and joy of gliding down the slopes is amazing. It brings a real feeling of accomplishment for both the skiers and me.”


A lot of people like music, but Harrison loves music. He credits his time as a “roadie” for his dad’s classic rock cover band. “I love live music; all styles of music and genres, but his favorite is rap and EDM (electric dance music). “I’m a Spotify power user,” he says with a smile.

Who Knew?

Asked about the one thing most people don’t know about him, Harrison will tell you his dual citizenship status in the U.S. and Australia is a little-known fact. He travels Down Under to visit family at every chance he gets.

Say G’day to Harrison by emailing him.

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