IMAC Pulse Output Device for Dresser Rotary Meter

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IMAC Systems now offers the Pulser TYPE IV, a new easy-to-install and simple pulse output devise for Roots Dresser rotary gas meters B3 (Series 3) product family. The pulse retrofit uses the meter’s drive to create a pulse, and the pulses are proportional to the gas volume passing through the meter.

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Roots Dresser Meter Pulse Output

The IMAC Systems TYPE IV pulser adds a pulse to a CTR or TC-CTR Dresser meter. The pulser comes installed on a premounted Dresser module so the user can remove the old Lexan globe from the meter and install the premounted Type IV (or IV-A) Lexan globe. Installation is quick, generally under five minutes, and can occur while the meter is under pressure.

IMAC Pulser TYPE IV and IV-A

pulse output device imac type iV pulser

The Pulser TYPE IV utilizes the IMAC TYPE I pulser affixed to the Dresser OEM AMR adapter kit. When installed onto the meter, TYPE IV uses a 2-wire (“Form A” mechanical reed switch). The pulsers include a label illustrating the expected pulse rate. The torque from the pulser is minimal (no gearing), and it is easily repairable if there is a failure, for example, in a lightning strike. The assembly is robust and reliable, and the body of the pulser is a machined (and anodized) aluminum housing.

The pulser is available as a “Type IV” or “Type IV-A.” Type IV generates one pulse per revolution of the meter’s drive dog, commonly used on NTC and TC meters. The Type IV-A generates ten pulses per revolution of the meter’s drive dog, widely used if a higher frequency pulse output is required.

When using a CD or TD Dresser Meter (instrument drive), use a Pulsimatic Transmitter. If you have an older Dresser LMMA meter (Seres 1), message us to learn about IMAC’s solution for that product.

Key Attributes & Highlights

  • Each pulser comes premounted to Lexan module cover with the “slip ring” included to facilitate a quick installation
  • The pulsers are individually packaged
  • Made in the USA
  • Easily repairable
  • Immeasurable torque (no gearing)
  • Low profile, robust design
  • Anti-reverse false pulse feature

Utility Applications

  • Load studies
  • Supplying customers with pulse
  • Feeding ancillary equipment with a pulse (SCADA, pulse accumulator, non-standard AMR/AMI, RTU, EVC, etc.)

Non-utility Applications

  • Building management systems (BMS) or Energy management systems (EMS)
  • Submetering equipment – sending a signal to a remote

Comparable Products to the TYPE IV

  • Riotronics Roots Pulse Output
  • Dresser OEM Pulse Output

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