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IMAC Systems has redesigned its Domestic Meter Pulser with the IMAC pulser “Type” Series specific to the meter manufacturer. The IMAC Pulser Type Series is a line of pulse output devices for American Meter, Sensus, Itron, and Roots Dresser mechanical gas meters. The redesign was a proactive measure to address meter manufacturers’ changes over the years.

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Meter Index Failures

Imac pulser Type I

Imac pulser Type I

A meter’s index drives the Domestic Meter Pulser. As meter manufacturers have cost-reduced their meters over the years, IMAC Systems has seen meter index (register) failures, causing the pulser to fail. Taking a proactive stance, IMAC Systems redesigned the pulsers for residential/light commercial meters.

In redesigning the pulser, IMAC has chosen to classify the pulsers by meter manufacturer; hence there is no longer one pulser.

IMAC Pulser Type I, I-A, II, and III

This “Type” of pulser has similar attributes to the Pulsimatic. The pulsers are driven directly by the meter yet drive the meter’s index. The “wafer” design removes the index from the equation and creates a more reliable product. If the index fails, the pulser continues to pulse. This style of pulsers is a sleek, low-profile design. The torque from the pulser is minimal (no gearing).

Type I and Type II are both easily repairable if there is a failure (the leading cause is a lightning strike). Type III is a “throw-away” but is low cost with simple installation and utilizes a 2-wire (form ‘A’ mechanical reed switch). All pulsers include a label that tells the user the expected pulse rate. The “Type” series also includes mounting hardware and tamper seals.

IMAC Pulser Meter Manufacturer Note Label Information P/N
Pulser Type I American Meter (with front index) AC-250, AM-250, AL-425, AC-630 & AC-800 Pulser has 2-magnets and is typically used on a 2’ drive meter
  • 2 Pulses/Rev
  • 2CF Test Dial: 1 Pulse = 1CF or
  • 1CF Test Dial: 1 Pulse = 0.5CF
307-A0001 (in stock)
Pulser Type I-A American Meter (with front index) AC-250, AM-250, AL-425, AC-630 & AC-800 Pulser has 1-magnet and is typically used on a 1’ drive meter or a Metric meter
  • 1 Pulse/Rev
  • 1CF Test Dial: 1 Pulse = 1CF or
  • 2CF Test Dial: 1 Pulse = 2CF
307-A0001 (in stock)
Pulser Type II Sensus Meters (with front index) R275, S275 & R415 Pulser has 2-magnets and is typically used on a 2’ drive meter TBD TBD
Pulser Type III Pulser for Itron meters (Metris 250, Itron I-250 & Itron 400A) Pulser has 2-magnets, and when installed on a 2’ drive meter, 1 Pulse = 1 CF
  • 2 Pulses/Rev
  • 2CF Test Dial: 1 Pulse = 1CF
DBA Part No.: IDM-1 (in stock)

Pulser Type IV (and IV-A)

The Pulser Type IV is an easy-to-install and simple pulse output retrofit for Roots Dresser rotary gas meters B3 (Series 3) product family. Type IV generates one pulse per revolution of the meter’s drive dog, commonly used on NTC and TC meters. The Type IV-A generates ten pulses per revolution of the meter’s drive dog, widely used if a higher frequency pulse output is required.

Installation Downloads (ship with the pulsers)

Type I & Type II are machined from aluminum, have an anodized finish and are available with dual independent outputs.

All three ‘Type’ series are made in the USA at IMAC Systems, Inc.

American Meter “RVP” and Norgas’ Itron Pulser Discontinuance

As other manufacturers or suppliers discontinue their pulsers, the IMAC Systems products offer suitable replacements:

  • Type I pulser replaces the “RVP” line of pulsers that American Meter discontinued.
  • Type III pulser replaces the Norgas pulsers for Itron meters (discontinued).

Domestic Meter Pulser

IMAC Systems will not immediately discontinue the long-time Domestic Meter Pulser. Instead, it will be sunset over the next five years. IMAC Systems encourages its customers to move to the ‘Type’ series as soon as they are readily available.

Pulsimatic Transmitter | IMAC Systems | Pulsers

Pulsimatic Transmitter, Pulsers

IMAC Transmitter

Another IMAC product, the IMAC Pulsimatic Transmitter, is a pulser that transmits uncorrected gas volume output from gas meters to remote totalizing and recording equipment. It has been manufactured for over 30 years and comes in ten different pulse outputs to satisfy most requirements.

Itron Pulse Output for Diaphragm Meters

You may also have an interest in the Itron Pulser Assembly Kit as an inexpensive, simple, and easy-to-install pulse output gas meter retrofit for small diaphragm gas meters, including the Itron Metris 250, I-250, and the 400A.

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