IMAC Systems Switch Tester

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The IMAC Switch Tester is a low-cost, easy-to-operate, and robust tool for portable pulse testing.

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Test Pulse Output on Gas Meter

imac switch tester

IMAC Systems Switch Tester

The switch tester allows the user to test pulse output on a meter and compare it to expected or measured counts. The diagnostic tool supplies a wetting (sense) voltage to the relay’s output terminals and visually displays (counts) the closures (or pulses) of the output. A pulse output corresponds to the natural gas passing through the meter.

As utilities and companies need pulses for more and more reasons, such as providing customers with a pulse, needing pulse to AMR/AMI or pulse to volume correctors, the demand for the IMAC Switch Tester is growing. The device is a portable tool and can be used in a meter repair shop or the field.

Switch Tester – Accepts Form A or Form C Inputs

IMAC Systems offers the Switch Tester with various terminals or pigtails that hook directly into a mating plug, including alligator clips, Dresser circular connectors, or Romet military-style connectors. The tool, when requested, can show both corrected and uncorrected counts. It works over a broad frequency. It also has two displays that allow for testing different switches and relays, including form A style and form C style reed switches (the two counters will indicate if the switches have flutter).

  • An ideal way to test switch performance
  • Accepts form A or form C inputs
  • 6″ x 3″ x 2-/12″ plastic case
  • Contains 2-1000 Hz capacity resettable counters

How to test switch performance?

  1. Wire the switch to appropriate terminals.
  2. Check the indicated counts against the expected or measured counts.
  3. With a form C switch, the switch tester will indicate switch “flutter” by disproportionate counts on each display.
  4. The user can compare two form-A outputs simultaneously.

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