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IMAC Systems offers a new easy-to-install pulse output retrofit to replace the discontinued Honeywell American Meter RVP-FI gas meter pulse output. The pulser accommodates diaphragm gas meters, including the AC-250, AC-250NX, AM-250, AT-210, AL-425, AC-630, and AC-800.

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IMAC Type I Pulse Retrofit Replaces RVP-FI

Honeywell American Meter discontinued its OEM RVP-FI Remote Volume Pulser and now recommends the IMAC Type I Pulser to its customers.

“Type” Series of Pulsers

Imac pulser Type I for honeywell american meter

Honeywell American Meter with IMAC Type I Pulser

The “Type” series of pulsers have similar attributes to the IMAC Pulsimatic. The Pulsers are driven directly by the meter and actuate the meter’s index. Its “wafer” design removes the index from the equation and creates a reliable product because if the index fails, the pulser will continue to pulse.  The “Type” series is sleek with a low-profile design. The torque from the pulser is minimal (no gearing).

The “Type” series of pulsers utilize a 2-wire (Form A mechanical reed switch). The pulsers include a label that clarifies to the customer an expected pulse rate. The “type” series of pulsers also includes mounting hardware and tamper seals.  The assembly is both robust and reliable. The body of the pulser is a machined (and anodized) aluminum housing.

Pulser Type I and Type I-A

Pulsers are available as Type I or “Type I-A. Type I generates two pulses per revolution of the meter’s drive dog, commonly used on 2’ drive meters. This setup will give the customer one pulse /ft.3  of gas that passes thru the meter.  Type I-A generates one pulse every revolution of the meter’s drive dog, commonly used on 1’ drive meters and metric meters. In a 1’ drive meter, the output ratio is one pulse/ft.3.  It pulses by a hub rotating with magnets; these magnets actuate a Form A reed switch.

The Type I pulser is easily repairable if there is a failure from a lightning strike.

Key Attributes & Highlights:

  • Includes the pulser, mounting screws, tamper indicators, gasket, and installation instructions
  • Individually packaged
  • Made in the USA
  • Easily repairable
  • Immeasurable torque (no gearing)
  • Low profile, robust design
  • Pulses even if the index fails
  • An anti-reverse false pulse feature

Pulse Output Applications for Utilities

  • Rate Studies
  • Supplying customers with pulse
  • Feeding ancillary equipment with a pulse (SCADA, pulse accumulator, non-standard AMR/AMI, RTU, EVC)

Pulse Output Applications for Non-Utilities

  • Building management systems (BMS) or Energy management systems (EMS)
  • Submetering equipment – sending a signal to a remote

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