Honeywell High-Pressure Gas Regulator HON R100 Series

 In Measurement and Control of Natural Gas

Linc Energy Systems is now an authorized distributor of the Honeywell HON R100 Series high-pressure gas regulator. This line of regulators was formerly manufactured under the Gorter brand.

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High-Pressure Gas Regulator

Honeywell Gorter high pressure gas regulator

The Honeywell HON R100 Series of high-pressure regulators provide accurate pressure control throughout the gas network. These regulators are also designed for use with gas metering applications. The pilot-controlled HON R100 Series regulators have lower maintenance requirements, fewer moving parts, ease of assembly and disassembly, and a reduced cost-of-ownership.

The HON R100 Series regulators excel in the following applications:

  • At transition points of large national gas networks and regional distribution grids where substantial volumes of natural gas must be reduced from high inlet-pressure to lower pressure.
  • At the connection points of power plants and industrial facilities to the high-pressure network, where huge volumes of natural gas must be reduced from high inlet-pressure to much lower values.

HON R100 Regulator Specs

Specifications for this line include:

  • Pressure class: ANSI 300 and ANSI 600
  • Inlet pressure range: ANSI 300 – 3-50 bar; ANSI 600 – 3-100 bar
  • Outlet pressure range: ANSI 300 – 1-49.5 bar; ANSI 600 – 1-60 bar
  • Minimum pressure difference needed for correct working: 0.5 bar
  • Operating temperature: -4°F to 140°F
  • Ambient temperature: -22°F to 140°F

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