Honeywell HON R100 Series - High Pressure Gas Regulator

The Honeywell HON R100 Series consists of a line of high-pressure gas regulators (formerly the Gorter brand) that are ideal for gas distribution, gas transmission, and industrial gas pressure regulating systems.

High-Pressure Gas Regulator Ensuring Reliable Gas Operations

The Honeywell HON R100 Series offers low maintenance costs because there is minimal friction, fewer parts, easy assembly and disassembly, and use of cost-effective components, the regulators provide low maintenance costs.

The HON R100 Series includes five types of regulators:

  • The R100 is a pilot-controlled standard model
  • The R100S is the standard fail close version (R100) with low-noise cage
  • The R100SO is the same as the R100, except the spring to open (fail-open version).
  • The R100(S)-M is the monitor version of the R100 with or without a low-noise cage that gets activated immediately after the primary regulator fails open.
  • The R101S is the same as the R100 with a hybrid low-noise cage.

The pilots, suitable for inlet pressure up to 100 bar and an outlet pressure range of 0.5-60 bar are included with all standard models.

The R100 is a pilot-controlled regulator with direct-acting features that work fast, while the somewhat slower pilot minimizes set-point variations. The R100S model presents similar features as the R100 with noise reduction up to 40 dB (A). Its low-noise cage decreases the sound at the source instead of hampering it. R101S offers a hybrid low-noise cage for noise reduction under normal operating conditions.

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Features & Benefits

Honeywell High Pressure Regulator Specifications

With the R100 Series the users benefit from:

  • Low maintenance costs
  • Extended maintenance interval needed because of minimal friction and the number of working parts
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble; the regulator body does not need to be removed from the line during maintenance, and the seat ring is easy to check
  • Use of economical materials
  • Enhanced noise reduction using patented techniques and a noise-reducing cage; with up to a 40 dB(A) reduction depending upon the user's environment
  • Optimal control at pressure differences; the HON R100(S) has a unique ability to control gas pressure flawlessly at pressure differences from 0.8 bar/11.6 psi. The regulator's optimally balanced valve construction makes it suitable for extreme applications
  • A patented valve seat permits the user an extended maintenance interval because of the erosion-free enclosure of the seat ring
  • Excellent control features due to voluminous actuator, large diaphragm area, minimal hysteresis, low set-point deviation with the two-stage pilot, and balanced design
    • High degree of control accuracy (+1%)
    • Low lock-up pressure (+2.5%)
    • Fast response
  • High specific flow rate; Hydro-dynamically favorable design of regulator body
  • Remote or flow control; by using a particular pilot, the regulator can be remote controlled or a flow controller in arrangement with the proper instrumentation. Unlike standard control valves, this capability ensures pressure control is continued even if external power is lost.
  • Clear and complete technical documentation available in different languages

Natural Gas Regulator Specifications

  • Pressure class: ANSI 300 and ANSI 600
  • Inlet pressure range: ANSI 300 – 3-50 bar; ANSI 600 – 3-100 bar
  • Outlet pressure range: ANSI 300 – 1-49.5 bar; ANSI 600 – 1-60 bar
  • Minimum pressure difference needed for correct working: 0.5 bar
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • Ambient temperature: -30°C to +60°C.

Download the HON R100 Series High-Pressure Regulator product brochure.


High Pressure Regulator Applications

HON R100 high-pressure regulators are ideal for the following applications:

  • Gas pressure reducing skids
  • Gas power stations (on transmission network)
  • Industrial and commercial (on transmission network)
  • City or regional gas suppliers
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