Integrity HDPE Fittings and Ball Valve, Footage Natural Gas Tools

Here you will find polyethylene fittings, valves, and poly tools. Integrity Fusion produces molded and fabricated HDPE fittings, fusion fittings, electrofusion fittings, and equipment, along with HDPE ball valves. Footage Tools offer an assortment of premium MD and HDPE natural gas tools, including pipe puller, squeeze-off tools, and pneumatic piercing tools.

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Integrity's HDPE pipe fittings include molded, and fabricated butt fusion fittings manufactured out of premium PE100/PE4710 resin in conformance to ASTM and AWWA standards.

Integrity Fusion offers HDPE fittings; including the largest size range of polyethylene electrofusion fittings available. Their offerings include couplers, branch saddles, tapping tees, equal tees, reducers, 90 degree elbows, 45 degree elbows and flex restraints.

Integrity Fusion Products offers the IntegriFuse plastic valve for both water and gas applications. These full port poly ball valves allow unrestricted flow and maximum allowable pressures, with an operating temperature range of -20F to 140F.

Footage Tools Big Shot pneumatic piercing tools create burrows to permit the installation of underground gas pipe, water pipe and cable with minimal disruption to the area.

Footage Tools' pipe pullers are engineered to pull MDPE and HDPE pipe and tubing in use with directional drilling, pneumatic piercing tools, and rod pushers.

Footage Tools squeeze off tools permit the operator to provide a quick emergency shutoff of polyethylene gas lines, without damaging the pipe making rapid squeeze-offs.