EC 350 Gas Volume Corrector

Honeywell EC 350 Gas Volume Corrector

The Honeywell EC 350 PTZ gas volume corrector is a UMB and rotary mount instrument designed to optimize and simplify custody transfer and industrial natural gas measurement.

The new electronic corrector offers unsurpassed features such as improved accuracy, expanded memory, advanced diagnostics and integrated cellular communications. Additionally, the EC 350 also reduces maintenance requirements and is intuitive and simple to use.
A PTZ gas volume corrector translates gas volume from operative conditions to reference temperature and pressure conditions.

The new EC 350 electronic volume corrector relies upon 40 years of experience and reuses some important design characteristics of its successful Mercury Instruments Mini-Max® and Mini-AT product lines. The EC 350 offers unsurpassed features such as expanded memory, improved accuracy, integrated cellular communications, and advanced diagnostics. The EC 350 provides:

  • Greater flexibility in gas volume correction
  • Reduced OPEX and inventory levels
  • Versatile UMB, rotary and wall-mount options
  • Intuitive operation for all corrector applications
  • IR port allowing for easy configuration
  • Expanded communication options via internal cellular modem
  • Robust diagnostics to reduce maintenance
  • Advanced audit trail
  • Low ownership and operating costs
  • Extended 10-year battery life
Gas Volume Corrector | Honeywell EC 350 for Natural Gas Metering