Sage Prime

Sage Prime thermal mass flow meters measure gas flow (natural gas, biogas, flare gas, and other gases) in various industrial, environmental or commercial applications.

The Sage Prime can measure gas flow in many industrial, environmental, or commercial applications. The heavy-duty flowmeter is housed in a dual-sided NEMA 4 enclosure, with full Modbus® compliant communications. The Prime is UL, CSA, and ATEX approved for hazardous service and CE compliant. The meter is user-friendly, has a high contrast organic LED providing flow rate, total, and temperature, and has a simple in-situ or onsite calibration verification.

The latest Sage meter with a NEMA 4X closure and state of the art components is the Paramount and the low-cost alternative is the Sage 300.

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Features & Benefits

Specific benefits of Sage Prime:

  • High contrast photo-emissive OLED display with numerical flow rate, total and temperature, as well as a graphical flow indicator
  • Photocell activated screen saver extends display life
  • Calibration milliwatts (mW) is continuously displayed, providing for ongoing diagnostics, and in-situ calibration check
  • Modbus® compliant RS485 RTU communications
  • Isolated 4-20 ma output available on EXP4 Style
  • Rugged, user-friendly packaging with easy terminal access
  • Option for Solar Energy use (12VDC models)
  • Low power dissipation, under 2.5 Watts (e.g., under 100 ma at 24 VDC)
  • Powerful state-of-the-art microprocessor technology for high-performance mass flow measurement and low cost-of-ownership
  • Proprietary digital sensor drive circuit provides enhanced signal stability and unaffected by process temperature & pressure changes
  • Remote Style has lead-length compensation. Allows remote electronics up to 1000 feet from the probe; explosion-proof junction box has no circuitry, just terminals
  • Field reconfigurability via Sage ADDRESSER
  • Flow conditioning built into In-line flow meters (1/2" and up)
  • Captive Flow Conditioners for Insertion Meter applications, if required


 Benefits of Thermal Mass Flowmeters


Natural Gas - Thermal mass flow meters are not AGA-approved for custody transfer. However, the meters are acceptable to measure natural gas flow in combustion control, GHG reporting, submetering, and real-time gas measurement in pipelines.

Flare Gas - Gas flares burn off the excess or unintentionally released gases. Flares are in natural gas production and distribution, oil refineries, wastewater treatment, and the steel industry. In these applications, thermal mass flow meters are ideal for measuring the gas flow.

Energy Management - As industries adopt energy management systems, there is a need to establish baseline gas usage and continuously monitor to improve the process. Within these systems, thermal mass flow meters excel in natural gas consumption, combustion control, and compressed air monitoring.

Combustion - Combustion is the process of burning fuel in the presence of oxygen, and its efficiency depends on the air-to-fuel ratio. By measuring the air and natural gas flow to a combustion device, the user can create optimum operating conditions to achieve complete combustion.

Biogas - Thermal mass flow meters measure biogas and offer distinct advantages over alternative flow meters. This meter type satisfies gas measurement at wastewater treatment plants, in waste-to-energy projects, and at landfills.

Industrial Air –Air is a mixture of gases. Many industrial and commercial applications use thermal mass flow meters, including combustion air, compressed air, spray drying, and aeration air.

Industries Served
  • Midstream Oil and Gas
  • Upstream Oil and Gas
  • Wastewater
  • Waste
  • Steel
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotech
  • Textile
  • Paper
  • Power Generation


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