Itron Distributor Itron, formerly Actaris (and Schlumberger) designs and manufactures natural gas measurement and control equipment to meet the requirements of gas suppliers and contractors throughout North America. Itron products include residential, commercial, and industrial natural gas meters and gas regulators.

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Itron Gas Meters

Itron Natural Gas Meters diaphram styleDiaphragm Meter

Diaphragm meters measure volumetric flow, are inexpensive and have a long-life expectancy making them a favorite for gas distributors, contractors, and gas producers. The meters use positive displacement principles and provide accurate and reliable measurement. Itron meters measure natural gas (LPG also) volume, and Itron offers models for residential, light-commercial, submetering, commercial and light-industrial applications.


Itron no longer manufacturers the DATTUS III meter which accommodated commercial and industrial gas measurement. Visit Natural Gas Meters to review other metering alternatives.



Itron natural gas residential regulators deliver reliable daily operation, are easy to install and meet the demands of the gas distributor. Read More >

Commercial and Industrial

Itron commercial and industrial regulators deliver reliable daily operation, offer internal monitor and relief options, and accommodate the needs of the gas distributor. They are suitable for designs of gas engines, burners, furnaces, boilers, and burner trains. Read More >

Field Service

B35R miItron's versatile field service regulators deliver quality pressure regulation for applications, including farm taps, compressed air systems, and medium- to high-pressure industrial applications. Read More >

Other Options

If your application is outside the scope of Itron gas regulators, consider other options from Maxitrol and Honeywell.

Stocking Distributor

Linc Energy Systems is a distributor for the Actaris Itron meter and regulator. Our warehouse is located in Lakewood Colorado, offering just-in-time delivery for select models.

Since 1990, Linc Energy Systems has been a reliable source for products and services. We are a woman-owned company providing solutions to many industries as a manufacturers' representative, distributor, and contractor. We specialize in measurement and control, gas odorization, damage prevention and provide an extensive line of industrial gas products to the natural gas industry, as well as industrial, commercial and government entities serving the same and related markets.

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To correctly size your natural gas regulator, the following considerations are required: gas type, application, inlet and outlet pressure, flow, pipe size, and there are others.