The DATTUS III meter line is no longer manufactured. Portions of this website have been left available as support for customers with existing meters.

The DATTUS® III is a highly accurate gas meter that is suitable for commercial and industrial gas measurement when flow ranges between 800-56,000 feet3/hour. The Dattus Meter offers some distinct advantages over the popular alternatives of the rotary meter and the turbine meter. Since the Dattus meter has no moving parts it does not require oil changes and is ideal for applications where continuous gas flow is required.

This meter uses a new sensor technology where the sensor is encapsulated in glass. While it is sensitive enough to detect flow for measurement it also protects against liquid and solid contaminants; there are reduced failures when exposed to contaminated gas versus other metering alternatives.

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Features & Benefits

DATTUS III Electronic Gas Meters

The DATTUS meter uses solid state technology and it cannot lockup, which is advantageous for facilities such as hospital or schools where it is critical to never stop gas flow.

When other meter styles are subject to flow exceeding the meter rating, the meters are often damaged. The DATTUS can be subjected to many times its rated capacity without meter damage. In these situations, the meter displays an alarm indicating that it was in an overflow condition. When the flow returns to its normal operating range the meter will return to normal operation.

The meter is easy to install and it is not necessary to have aligned flanges, or a level meter. In fact, meter performance will not be impeded by torsion on the meter case or a non-level setting.

The DATTUS performs well in applications where slam-shut or slam-open loads are created because of downstream equipment.

Aside from battery maintenance (and battery life is expected nine to ten years), there are no other associated maintenance requirements since it has no moving parts and doesn't require oil changes like other meter types.


  • Built-in temperature compensation
  • Gas volume totalizing
  • Data logging capabilities standard
  • Fixed-factor pressure correction
  • Four channels of configurable pulse outputs
  • Field upgradable meter capacity without service interruption
  • Highly-robust sensor design

The meter is available in three models (the fM1, fM2 and fM3) and two model types:

  • The Basic offers uncorrected measurement along with fixed-factor capability.
  • The Basic TC is the similar to the Basic, but programmed to include temperature compensation.