B35 Field Service Regulator

The Itron B35 Field Service Regulator is ideal for the first stage pressure reduction on a high-pressure system.

Itron’s versatile Field Service Regulators deliver quality pressure regulation for applications, including farm taps, compressed air systems, and medium to high-pressure industrial applications.

The B35 is for safe, accurate first-stage pressure reduction on high-pressure gas systems. It is a versatile pounds-to-pounds unit which is ideal for high-pressure industrial applications, rural and suburban taps.

Itron discontinued the following monitor and downstream control regulator models; B35M, B838M, B838D, CL838M1&2, CL838D1&2. Support for spare parts will end on 12/31/19.

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Features & Benefits

B35 Regulator

With a malleable iron body, the B35 will handle inlet pressures up to 1000 PSIG. Outlet pressures range from 5 to 150 PSIG. Seven different orifices are available from 1/16" through 1/2" in either brass or stainless steel. They are interchangeable in all valve body sizes.

The three versions of this model include:

  • B35R - When properly sized, the B35R can be used for multi-regulator cuts with complete safety on installations up to 1000 PSIG inlet with reductions up to 150 PSIG and ultimately to 7" W.C. outlet without an external relief valve and will conform to the ANSI B31.8 code.
  • B35N - Standard field service regulator. Used primarily where internal relief is not required. It has a breather vent in the upper diaphragm case - 1/4" NPT with stainless steel screen and complete water drain position.
  • B35M - Special B35 unit with sealed throat and downstream control tap. Used in series monitoring installations as an operating safety device that assumes control over the operating regulator when a failure is sensed by the downstream control line.

Connection Sizes ¾" - 1"
Max. Flow Range 5,000 SCFH


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