Solutions for Inspecting, Testing, and Protecting Farm Taps Regulators

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Due to a revision of the pipeline safety regulations, there is a need for solutions to inspect, test, and protect farm tap regulators. As a representative of IMAC Systems, the manufacturer and distributor of products that test and protect regulators, we wanted to present some solutions to help keep your farm tap regulators in good working condition.

Revised Regulations Affecting Farm Tap Regulators

In 2017, PHMSA (Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration) amended the pipeline safety rules. The Department of Transportation (DOT) added to section 192.740, which sets inspection activities for pressure regulators and overpressure protection equipment concerning farm taps. A farm tap is an individual service line originating from a transmission, gathering, or production pipeline. Section 192.1003 was revised to exclude farm taps from the Distribution Integrity Management Program requirements.


The modified regulations require that the equipment associated with regulating, limiting, and overpressure protection be inspected and tested more often. Typical farm tap regulators include BelGAS, Fisher, Itron (B35, B36, B56), and Sensus.

Here are three products worthy of mentioning:

Pete's Plug - test plugPete’s Plugs – Test Plug

Pete’s Plugs are test plugs that permit the user to quickly check the gas pressure or temperature without leaving a gauge in the line.

MCS Pop Relief Valve

pop relief valve

The IMAC Pop Relief Valve is a small, high-capacity, inexpensive relief valve that protects farm taps.

Threaded Cap Screen Vents

The new regulations state that the user must adequately protect the equipment from dirt, liquids, or other conditions that may prevent the regulator’s proper functioning.

threaded cap screeen vents farm tap regulator protection

Replace broken or rotted plastic screen vents connected to the equipment with IMAC’s threaded aluminum cap screen vents. Install these heavy-duty metal screens at the end of your fittings or pipes to keep unwanted foreign objects out, including bugs.

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To review the regulations (192.740), visit pressure regulating, limiting, and overpressure protection.

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