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The manufacturer of the Sage Prime gas meter has recently published a video revealing the key features of its flagship product, the Sage Prime®. Thermal flow meters are for gas mass flow measurement in many applications.

Sage Prime Gas Meter

Sage Metering has been in business since 2002; during this time the company has founded many innovations, starting with bringing to market the first thermal mass flow meter, which has a digital method of driving the sensor rather than the Wheatstone bridge, which is prone to drifting.

Sage also is the only natural gas flow meter manufacturer that provides an easy way to prove that the flow meter remains in calibration, while in the field. This saves the user the expense of taking the meter offline and returning it to the factory (or a third party) for calibration every year. This is one of the reasons the Sage meter is preferred in many greenhouse gas applications since many of the governing protocols require periodic field calibrations.

Linc Energy is pleased to be a distributor and sales representative of Sage Metering. For more information, see the thermal flow meter.

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