Elster RABO Rotary Gas Meter by Honeywell

 In Measurement and Control of Natural Gas

Linc Energy Systems is now an authorized distributor for the Honeywell Elster RABO rotary gas meter, which is ideal for industrial and commercial natural gas applications.

Elster Gas Meter (RABO)

RABO gas Rotary Meter by HoneywellThe Elster rotary gas flow meter (RABO) offers reliable natural gas measurement for gas distributors. Drawing from Honeywell Elster RPM and IRM meter technologies, the RABO meter has improved features delivering a meter with a compact design that is highly accurate under low or irregular gas flow conditions. The meter features exceptional performance, high maximum operating pressure, a low-pressure drop, and wide rangeability.

The benefits of the meter include:

  • Greater rangeability than many other meters
  • Improved maximum operational pressure (MAOP)
  • Low-pressure drop permits flexibility in station design
  • Noise reduction means safer for operations
  • Reduction in piston speed extends the lifespan of the meter
  • Overall ownership cost is low
  • Simple installation and commissioning
  • Compact design and easy to use
  • Environmentally responsible design
  • Bundled with electronic volume corrector for single-vendor sourcing

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