Supply Source Update: Itron I-250 and 400A Diaphragm Gas Meter

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Itron, the manufacturer of the I-250 residential gas meter and 400A light commercial diaphragm gas meter, has issued a product information letter involving the approval of supplementary supply sources on two components, the bi-metal, and tangent assembly.

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Itron Diaphragm Gas Meters I-250 and 400A

From the Itron Product Information Letter GP16-002 dated 4/27/16

Itron A400 diaphragm gas meterOverview:

As part of Itron’s continuous improvement initiatives, the company has approved a second source for the I-250 and 400A meter bi-metals that are integrated into the temperature compensated tangent assembly. An alternate supplier to assemble the temperature (TC) and non-temperature (NTC) compensation tangents are also being developed.

Bi-metal Second Supply Source:

The bi-metal is used in the temperature compensation versions of the I-250 and 400A diaphragm gas meter. Here two metals are bonded together and formed into a particular shape. The bi-metals will change shape as they are exposed to varying gas temperatures. This movement alters the stroke of the meter and allows for accuracy at a wide range of temperatures by compensating directly at the meter for the change in gas volume due to gas temperature fluctuations.

The bi-metallic element from the alternate supply source has been qualified and performs equivalently to the current supplier.

The part number of the assembly will remain the same as 090252 for the TC tangent assembly for the I-250 and the 400A meters.

The planned implementation is to begin on the I-250 in July 2016 and the fourth quarter of 2016 for the 400A. Both suppliers will be considered approved, and either source could be used in the tangent assemblies in meters moving forward.

Tangent Assembly Alternate Supply Source:

Itron will also be developing an alternate supply source for the assembly of the tangent for the I-250 and 400A.

The part numbers of the assemblies will remain the same as 090250 for the NTC tangent assembly and 090252 for the TC tangent assembly for the I-250 and the 400A meters.

For more information download the Itron Product Information.

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