“A” Series Diaphragm Meters

The Itron “A” Series is a line of positive displacement diaphragm gas meters used in commercial and light industrial applications with low-pressure systems with a wide flow range.

Itron’s “A” Series diaphragm gas meters are a line of positive displacement commercial and light industrial meters for gas capacities of 400-1000 ft3/hour. They are ideal for low-pressure systems with a wide flow range.

The “A” Series meters weigh 25% less than other competitor equivalents, making the meters attractive for their smaller appearance and lightweight. They are also built and tested per ANSI B109.1 and are compatible with leading AMR/AMI devices.

This three-chamber meter is constructed of die-cast aluminum casings, one-piece, seamless convoluted diaphragms, and lubrication-free bearings.

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Features & Benefits

400A Light Commercial Gas Diaphragm Meter

The Itron 400A is a light commercial gas diaphragm meter with a capacity of 400 ft3/hour. This meter is ideally suited for high-load residential or light commercial metering applications. The 400A is available in three different center-to-center configurations; therefore, it can retrofit any meter set in the 400 class. It's available in 10 PSIG MAOP or 25 PSIG high-pressure ratings.

675A, 800A, 1000A Commercial Gas Diaphragm Meters

The higher capacity "A" Series meters consists of positive displacement gas meters with capacities ranging from 675 to 1000 ft3/hour, making these diaphragm meters Ideal for higher capacity commercial metering applications.
The self-tapping orbital valve, single diaphragm, and die-cast aluminum casings assure the "A" Series meters have a long life and low maintenance. The Itron meters are the easiest and safest to install because of the Easy Turn (ET) top option, which permits 2-3 times more wrench swing than the competition.


  • Three-chamber design
  • Orbital valve
  • One-piece, seamless, convoluted diaphragm
  • Lubrication-free bearings
  • EZ-VU Adjustment Port
  • Instrumentation compatible
  • Easy Turn (ET) top option for simple installation
  • Easy handling
  • Lightest 400 & 1000 class meters
  • 400A & 1000A retrofit into any like-class installation
  • AMR/AMI Compatible

Meets applicable standards

  • ANSI B109.1, ANSI B109

Product approvals:

  • Industry Canada AG-0298, AG-0385
  • State of New York Department of Public Service 91-G-0507, 96-G-0885
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