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itronItron is the manufacturer of industrial, commercial, and residential natural gas meters and regulators. If you’re unfamiliar with the trade name Itron, over the years, these products have been marketed under the names: Actaris, Schlumberger, and even Sprague. Linc Energy has represented Itron, Actaris, and Schlumberger since 1992, and currently is a stocking distributor for the states of Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, Montana, western North Dakota, western South Dakota, western Nebraska, western Kansas, and New Mexico.

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Natural Gas Meters

Itron manufactures natural gas diaphragm meters.

ASeries-gas-metersDiaphragm meters are the most common type of gas meter used in both residential and commercial applications. They are commonly referred to as positive displacement meters because the medium (in this case, natural gas), which is measured displaces components in the meter so that gas flow occurs. In this meter style, the diaphragms expand and contract, and this motion serves as a primary flow element to indicate the flow rate.

Itron diaphragm meters are:

Gallus 2000 – measures natural gas and LP for domestic appliances

METRIS 250 – measures natural gas for residential and light commercial applications

A Series:

400A – for light commercial metering

675A, 800A, and 1000A for higher capacity metering

More information on Itron’s diaphragm meters can be found on Gas Meters.

Natural Gas Regulators

Itron’s regulators are designed for accuracy, dependability, and safety. They’re widely used in natural gas distribution systems as well as industrial applications. If you purchase another regulator brand, our Regulator Comparison Chart will direct you to the comparable model for Fisher, Sensus (Invensys, Equimeter, and Rockwell), American and, Maxitrol regulators. Also, helpful information can be found on How to select the correct gas pressure regulator?

More information on Itron gas regulators.

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  • Erik

    this means that the ever so popular feature of remote reading is of no use, if you are not monitoring at least temperature at the same time.

  • Riaz

    Before using EVC meter we used & took gas flow reading using turbine meter. We find different data by using both meter in a month. For example in the month July we got 583538.27 m3 & 356301 m3 reading from turbine & EVC meter respectively. What is the co-relation between these meters?

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