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IMAC Systems has introduced the Itron Pulser Assembly Kit as an inexpensive, simple, and easy-to-install pulse output gas meter retrofit for small diaphragm gas meters, including the Itron Metris 250, I-250 and the 400A.

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Elster RVP Alternative

Itron, the manufacturer of residential and commercial diaphragm meters, does not offer an OEM solution for pulse output on their meters. Recently, the primary source of pulse output for the Itron small-diaphragm meters was a version of the Elster RVP, now discontinued.

What is the Pulser Assembly Kit?

itron pulse output gas meter device

The Itron Pulse Output Kit specifications

The IMAC Pulser Assembly Kit (P/N IDM-1) is a low-profile pulse retrofit that mounts behind the index of the meter. The kit includes a pulser bracket assembly with high-quality Form A reed switch. Each pulser goes through rigorous testing to assure alignment and pulse. The pulse output ratio is one pulse/ft3.

Pulse Output Gas Meter Device

The IMAC Pulse Outfit retrofit offers an economical and reliable alternative to the Elster RVP.

Gas companies typically use pulse output devices for the following reasons:

  1. Rate studies
  2. Providing their customers with pulse
  3. Transmitting data to ancillary equipment, such as pulse accumulator, non-standard AMR/AMI RTU, etc.

If you are interested in the IMAC Pulse Meter Output Retrofit Device or have questions, please contact us now.

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Are you looking for a pulse transmitter?

A gas meter pulse transmitter or “pulser” sends uncorrected volume outputs from a gas meter to remote totalizing and recording equipment. We sell the IMAC Pulsimatic Transmitter, or the Honeywell Mercury Instruments Pulse Transmitters 212 and 210. You may also be interested in the Domestic Meter Pulser redesign.

What is a pulse Output?


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