Are Your Gas Smart Metering and Telemetry Devices Ready to Go 4G?

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Honeywell Mercury Instruments alerted its North American Channel Partners that the mobile network providers are sunsetting 2G/3G CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) devices soon. While the shutdown dates vary depending on the carrier, it is time to assess your equipment and determine if new modems or instruments will be needed for your natural gas smart metering programs.

CDMA Shutdown Dates Could Impact Smart Metering

Verizon intends to shut down CDMA devices (2G and 3G) by the end of 2019. Additionally, industry articles speculate that T-Mobile will likely sunset 2G and 3G devices in late 2020, with AT&T following suit in 2021 (or later). In any case, it is prudent for any gas distributors to determine if they have devices running on 2G/3G technology.

We strongly suggest that our customers determine if their 3G devices are compatible with 4G technology. If not, now is the time to identify alternatives before losing coverage of the 3G device.

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Honeywell Mercury Instruments 4G Modem-Based Devices

Honeywell’s smart metering and telemetry devices efficiently measure, store and communicate data for consistent billing and capacity management, and agreement with current and expected regulations. Real-time data improves business performance.

  • The CNI4 is a 4G/LTE, battery-operated, easy to configure dual-channel pulse data logger designed to support most commercial and industrial (C&I) smart metering/automatic meter reading (AMR) analog modem-based applications.
  • Cloud Link 4G Modems are for battery-powered applications and outdoor operations. The 4G wireless cellular modems are fully field-programmable, simple, easy to configure and troubleshoot. They feature short-range wireless communication or serial interfaces, and programming software.

Gas Smart Metering honeywell electronic correctorInstruments and Modems

The Cloud Link 4G Modem easily integrates with the EC 350 Volume Corrector and ERX data recorder.

  • The Honeywell Mercury Instruments ERX is a microprocessor-based, standalone self-powered data recorder that measures gas pressure, gas temperature, case temperature, and applied power supplies. It offers accurate pressure measurement, long-term battery life, remote communications, extensive audit-trail logging, and various pressure ranges.
  • The EC350 is a gas volume corrector converting a gas volume from operating conditions to reference pressure and temperature conditions. Honeywell’s EC 350 PTZ gas volume correctors are UMB- and rotary-mount devices that simplify and optimize custody transfer and industrial measurement.

If you would like more information on a modem or a new instrument with a 4G/LTE technology, submit your inquiry here.

Submit your inquiry here.

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