Pete’s Plugs

Pete’s Plugs to facilitate easy temperature or Pressure Readings

Pete's Plugs facilitate easy temperature or pressure readings from your gas lines, eliminating the need to leave gauges or temperature indicators on the line.

Pete's Plugs

Pete's Plug II® allow you to take temperature or pressure readings quickly from your gas line and eliminates the need for leaving expensive gauges or temperature indicators on the line.

Depending on the applications, the Pete's Plug can be operated to a maximum of 500 PSIG and 200°F or 275°F for neoprene or nordel respectively. Maximum working pressures of 1000 PSIG can be attained with neoprene or nordel at temperatures from 140°F to -20°F.

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Pete's Plugs | Temperature or Pressure Readings

This enhanced version of Pete's Plug® is still the only pressure and temperature test plug with two self-closing valves, but the valves are improved with interaction which speeds valve closure. Pete's Plug II® is available in various pipe thread sizes, lengths, and materials to satisfy each application. The XL series Pete's Plug II® will allow you to insulate the test point and not completely cover the Pete's Plug II®. The XL Pete's Plug II® eliminates extra fittings for insulated applications.

Do not be fooled by imitation Pete's Plugs with single cores, look for the embossing right on the plug body that says "Pete's Plug II."

The Pete's Plug is a registered trademark and valve design is fully patented.

Pete’s Plugs (Test Plugs) for Easy Temperature and Pressure Readings