Marking Systems and Tracer Wire

Pro-Line Safety Products tracer wire and other utility marking products for detecting, locating, identifying, and protecting underground facilities from digging accidents.

Rhino offers innovative ways to mark and protect underground facilities to help ensure safety and protect the environment. The Rhino TriView offers a 360⁰ visibility marker post, and the company provides a wide array of other posts and signs.

Pro-Line Safety Products offers a line of copper-clad steel (CCS) tracer wire under the trade name, PRO-TRACE. The highly flexible copper-clad steel locating wire is for challenging tracer wire applications, including open trench and directional drilling.

Pro-Line Safety Products manufactures PRO-TRACE HDD copper-clad steel (CCS) tracer wire for both open trench and directional boring installations.

The Rhino TriView Marking System's patented design provides 360° visibility, as well as superior functionality you won't find in any other damage prevention marking product.

PRO-TRACE® Tracer Wire Connectors are ideal for underground splices and connections for tracer wire and other applications not exceeding 300 volts. The corrosion-proof fitting performs better than twist-on connectors and is easier to install.

RhinoPoly™ polyethylene signs are screen printed, using a proprietary blend of thermoplastics which offers UV stability.

PlastiCurve posts are durable utility markers that are unaffected by extreme heat or cold. They are available in 3-7/8" width.

Rhino Vent Pipe Covers offer a unique opportunity to turn unsightly and potentially dangerous vent pipes into high visibility pipeline markers.

PolyTech is a protective coating which is offered for fiberglass posts. It protects the posts from fading and fiber bloom. PolyTech is offered on the FiberCurve Utility Marker Post.

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