Tracer Wire for Horizontal Directional Drilling

Pro-Line Safety Products manufactures PRO-TRACE HDD copper-clad steel (CCS), which is a directional drilling tracer wire for both open trench and directional boring installations.


The PRO-TRACE HDD-CCS PE45 locating wire is extra high strength to withstand damage from pipe pulling equipment, elements, sharp objects, and from harsh environments. The directional drilling tracer wire is almost 700% stronger than copper wire. What this means is the installer only needs one wire of PRO-TRACE HDD rather than the 2-5 copper wires to prevent breakage. This HDD tracer wire provides the perfect balance of ductility, strength, and brittleness to ensure durability. When using one wire of 12, 10, or 8 AWG HDD-CCS, the installer can achieve significant savings, along with equal signal strength and corrosion resistance of a copper wire. There is also much greater price stability of the CCS wire than copper wire, and it has no scrap value, discouraging thieves from theft and property damage.

Features & Benefits
  •  horizontal directional drilling tracer wireNearly seven times the break-load of copper wire
  • Save on material cost when using one wire
  • Save on material and labor by minimizing costly re-bores
  • Corrosion resistant (equal to copper)
  • Good signal strength (equal to copper)
  • Insulation direct burial rated (45 mil)
  • Coating thickness = 45 Mil HDPE
  • Break load 12 AWG = 1330
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