Gas Filtration

Linc Energy sells a wide range of gas filtration products, from natural gas filters, strainers, filter dryers, pilot filters, and gas scrubbers for various applications.

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Since 1985, Shawndra Products, the makers of Sparks Filters™, has made air and gas filters and filter-vessels for critical industrial applications.

IMAC Instrument Filter Dryer provides filtration to supply gas for high pressure control instrumentation, such as pneumatic controllers and catalytic heaters.

The NGS 1000 is a natural gas scrubber and instrument filter dryer which provides gas filtration for gas-fueled catalytic heaters.

Flo-Dri gas scrubbers remove particles down to 0.5 micron and are designed for gas conditioning appliances, such as instruments and catalytic heaters.

The Eliminator is a particulate and coalescing filter, used as a pilot filter, chemical injection filter, sample protection filter, gas analyzer filter, catalytic heater filter or instrument filter.

Natural gas strainers offer and inexpensive method to remove harmful debris from natural gas and prevent downstream equipment damage.