Coalescing Filters

Since 1985, Shawndra Products, the makers of Sparks Filters™, has made air and gas filters, coalescing filters, and filter-vessels for critical industrial applications.

Sparks Coalescing Filters

Shawndra Products™, Inc. manufactures replacement and proprietary air and gas filter elements and engineers and manufactures ASME code filter vessels.

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Features & Benefits

Coalescing Filter Benefits-Features

  • ASME Code Section VIII. Div. 1 U Stamp/PMI, PED
  • Extensive in-house NDE capabilities through a subsidiary: A & E Testing
  • Specialty Code housings designed to customer specifications
  • High quality, custom-designed filter elements
  • Any inlet/outlet configuration
  • Various housing options & accessories
  • Shorter lead times than industry standard
  • Filter elements and ASME code vessels manufactured in Lima, NY

ASME Code Pressure Filter Vessels

Shawndra offers ASME-coded pressure and vacuum filter vessels for air, natural gas, and other gas services. These filters are available in rugged carbon steel, stainless steel, or alloy construction and design pressures up to 1480 PSIG. The filters are available to remove particulates (solids such as rust, dust, welding flashing, solder particles) and coalescing mediums (vapors, liquids, soluble particles).

Coalescers Pipeline Filters Industrial Filters Shawndra R100 pipeline Coalescer

Shawndra R100 Horizontal Pipeline Coalescers

R100 Horizontal Pipeline Coalescers

R-Series filters remove solid particles and liquids from natural gas, achieving superior filtration through inertial impaction, gravitational settling, and a nearly vertical coalescing multi-stage filter element. The improved filtration reduces service demands on engines, turbines, and other compressors, valves, and meters.


Industries Served

Industries Served

  • Oil & Gas Pipeline
  • Power Generation
  • Plant air
  • Food Processing
  • Cement Production
  • Pneumatic Conveying
  • Water & Waste Water Treatment
  • Chemical & Petro Chemical Processing
  • All Rugged Duty Air or Gas Filtration Services
  • Custom Designs for your specific application
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