Trenton Wax Tape for Anti Corrosion of Pipelines

Trenton wax tape supports cathodic protection of oil and natural gas pipelines

Trenton Wax Tape™ is an anti-corrosion tape that supports cathodic protection of oil and natural gas pipelines.

Solutions for protecting pipelines

  • Wax-Tape #1– the bestselling belowground anti-corrosion tape remains pliable and supports cathodic protection, even with wet or irregular surfaces.
  • Wax-Tape #2 – the aboveground anti-corrosion tape hardens to protect against weather conditions. Excellent for above ground pipe, bridge crossings, vaults, and other surfaces, whether straight or irregular.
  • Trenton Tape HT-3000 is the perfect anti-corrosion tape for high-temperature pipeline applications, an alternative to Denso tape.

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Trenton's corrosion prevention system is as easy as:

  1. Prepare Surface: Use a wire brush to clean off loose rust and dirt.
  2. Apply Primer: Rubbing the primer penetrates surface rust and displaces moisture, thereby prepares the surface for wax tape application.
  3. Apply-Wax Tape: Wrap the appropriate Wax-Tape to the pipe, then press to remove air.
  4. Apply Overwrap (optional) for added protection against those mechanical annoyances like industrial weed cutters or soil stress.

Learn more about Trenton's anti-corrosion systems:

Trenton Wax Tape Related Products

Primers & Mastics

The primers penetrate surface rust in preparation for the application of the Wax-Tapes.

  • Wax Primer (Brown)
  • Wax Primer (White)
  • Temcoat & Temcoat 3000
  • Fill-Putty

Innercoat & Guard-Wrap

The combination of Innercoat hot-applied wax and Guard-Wrap wrapper is an ideal system for new service installations, field patching, weld cutbacks, and pipeline reconditioning.


When conditions indicate that more mechanical protection is required, Trenton offers a range of outerwraps to meet the needs of each situation.

Casing Filling

  • Fill-Coat #1 – Full-service installation with Trenton's 6000-gallon tank trucks.
  • Fill-Coat #2 – Designed to be installed cold out of a 55-gallon drum for small quantity requirements. It remains in a firm gel consistency at ground temperatures commonly found in normal pipeline operations.
Trenton Wax-Tape | Anti Corrosion Wrap for Pipelines