Gas Analyzers

Gas analyzers are widely used in the natural gas industry for various applications. Here we feature Honeywell Elster-Instromet advanced gas chromatographs, the EnCal 3000 and ENCAL 3000 Biogas, which deliver highly accurate and sophisticated results, while the GasLab Q2 is the best option for applications where speed rather than accuracy is required.


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The EnCal 3000 by Honeywell Elster® is a gas chromatograph analyzer specifically designed for natural gas energy measurements.

The Honeywell EnCal 3000 Biogas is a gas analyzer, or gas chromatograph, that has been engineered for custody transfer of treated biogas.

The GasLab Q2 by Honeywell Elster® is a gas quality analyzer that determines calorific value, Wobbe index, and other factors of natural gas. Honeywell GasLab Q2 provides real-time data with faster, more efficient analysis than a gas chromatograph.