EnCal 3000 proChain GC

The Honeywell EnCal 3000 proChain Gas Chromatograph (GC) is an affordable way to measure natural gas in custody transfer applications.

GC for Natural Gas

The proChain provides an accurate determination of all main natural gas parameters—heating value, Wobbe Index, density, CO2 concentration—while keeping capital expenditures and operating expenses to a minimum. The proChain’s small overall size permits the lowest carrier gas usage, as low as    2 ml/minute, equating to using only one bottle of helium every seven years (conditions: 50 liters @ 200 barg).

The EnCal 3000 proChain GC is high-performance, fast, accurate, simple to operate, and easy to maintain.

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Features & Benefits

Measurements and Calculations

  • Natural Gas analysis up to C6+
  • Calculation of Heating value, density, Wobbe index

Easy Maintenance

  • The optional local display shows the concentration of the natural gas components and the analyzer status to make fast and accurate decisions.
  • Quickly connect a laptop using an optional local USB to run Honeywell’s Service and Configuration tools without opening the analyzer, saving time.
  • The single train, single injection C6+ backflush-to-detector configuration with moving parts is easy to troubleshoot, and the measuring channel can be replaced by simply removing two screws.

Sample System

Limited sample conditioning is needed for the EnCal 3000 proChain. It has a maximum of 6 streams, out of which one or more can be a calibration stream. Each stream has an exchangeable inline 2-micron filter to prevent particles from entering the analyzer’s sensitive parts. The analyzer has a built-in fast loop valve that allows quick purging of long lines, ensuring that a fresh sample is available at the correct time. These features simplify the GC installation. A pressure-reducing sample probe with a liquid filter is also required to complete the installation.


The EnCal 3000 proChain is an Ex-d (flameproof) type analyzer for installation in hazardous areas. This makes it possible to install the analyzer near the sampling point and, if required, outdoors. The EnCal 3000 proChain can operate with optional heater elements at temperatures as low as -25°C (-13°F). High-temperature environments are not a challenge for the proChain either, as its maximum operating temperature is 55°C (130°F). For outside installations, the use of sun/rain shades is mandatory. Please contact us if your application’s environment is outside these temperature ranges for alternatives.

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