I-250 Gas Meter

The Itron I-250 Residential Natural Gas Meter measures natural gas over a wide range of flow rates. The meter performs exceptionally well in severe weather conditions.

While the residential meter is a more recent addition to Itron’s product line, it is a long-standing design that had been discontinued when the trend was seeking more flexible models (such as the Metris 250). By popular demand, Itron brought the historical model back after updating it with the best of today’s materials.

The Itron I-250 diaphragm gas meter measures natural gas accurately over a wide range of flow rates and is superior in severe weather.

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Features & Benefits

A Classic Gas Meter Returns

Years ago, a similar meter was removed from the market when there was interest in a slimmer meter body to accommodate configuration flexibility. At that time, the METRIS 250 replaced this class of meters. After 15 years off the market, Itron has returned the I-250, recognizing it satisfies a segment of the market the METRIS 250 did not meet.

The I-250 can accurately measure gas over a broader range of flow rates and is superior in severe weather. This diaphragm gas meter is more straightforward in design, having three chambers versus four. The meter doesn't run as fast as the Metris 250, resulting in a quieter instrument with longer life expectancy for parts and long-lasting performance.

The I-250 residential gas meter does not replace the METRIS meters. It is an alternative for those customers willing to sacrifice design flexibility for improved accuracy over a wide range of flow rates. The I-250 is compatible with AMR/AMI devices and meets ANSI B109.1 standards.

Sprague 240 Gas Meter Replacement

The Itron I-250 is the perfect replacement for the Sprague 240 gas meter.


  • Accuracy over a wide range of gas flow rates
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Interchangeable parts
  • Ease of installation


The following features contribute to increased accuracy, longer life, and less maintenance:

  • Design simplicity
  • Wear-less orbital valve
  • Lubrication-free bearings
  • Easy adjustment



  • Three-chamber design
  • One-piece seamless diaphragm
  • EZ-VU adjustment port
  • AMR/AMI compatible
  • Meets applicable standards ANSI B10 9.1