Surface & Below Ground

Surface and Below Ground Marking ProductsRhino's surface and below ground utility marking products provide the visible warning or electronic detectable warning that a pipeline is present.

Rhino Marking & Protection Systems

Rhino Marking & Protection Systems provides innovative marking products to protect underground utilities, people and the environment. Rhino is a leader in the damage prevention industry and revolutionized the industry when introducing the TriView marking post in 1997, which offers 360 degree visibility.

SoilMarkers are ground markers used to mark buried utilities in areas where marker posts cannot be installed. Rhino's Soil Markers eliminate homeowner complaints because they can be walked on, mowed over and driven on.

A-TAG pavement markers for buried utilities are set in concrete or asphalt. They are brightly colored UV-stable polypropylene markers which are slightly recessed, so even snowplows do not destroy them.

Rhino Pavement Decals are used to mark utilities, pipelines, storm drains and roads. They are brightly colored and designed for use on concrete and asphalt and have a skid resistant surface.

Temporary locating products for utility locators, including printed and blank flags, whisker flags, cable locators, 3M electronic markers, marking paint, Quick-Mark Wands and holster, soil and pavement markers, paint remover, meter and hydrant paint, acrylic enamel, insect repellant, wasp and hornet repellant, Hit Kit and excavation safety.


3M Electronic Markers are the passive antenna source the 3M underground locator detects when buried alongside the utility that is being being located.

Rhino pipe marking tape is a last chance measure to let an excavator know they are too close to a buried cable or pipeline.