Underground Utility Marker Signs by Rhino

Rhino's underground utility marker signs and sign posts provide the visible warning needed to warn that facilities, utilities or obstacles are present. In addition to the quality marking products below, we also offer Aerial Pipeline Markers, U-Channel Sign Posts, and RhinoDome™ Wrap.

Rhino Marking & Protection Systems

Rhino Marking & Protection Systems provides innovative marking products to protect underground utilities, people and the environment. Rhino is a leader in the damage prevention industry and revolutionized the industry when introducing the TriView marking post in 1997, which offers 360 degree visibility.

RhinoPoly™ polyethylene signs are screen printed, using a proprietary blend of thermoplastics which offers UV stability.

The Rhino aluminum sign is screen printed and baked offering years of outdoor use to mark underground utilities or post warning messages.

The Rhino TriView™ Sign solves utility marking problems when you cannot bury a post, but need a highly visible marker that is three dimensional with clear warning messages on each side.

Rhino Wrap-A-Round Signs make rigid wood or metal posts visible from 360° and help prevent ATV's, snowmobiles, and farm equipment from accidentally impacting the pipeline markers.

Rhino's Snap Signs mark and identify ½" to 4" pipes and cables.

The Rhino Aerial Cable Marker™ provides easy identification of cables during maintenance or emergencies.

Rhino's worksite safety signs are reusable; an alternative to disposable signage making them environmentally friendly. They are easy to install, rugged and designed for outdoor use.

Consider the TriView marker as a sign post to increase visibility from every angle.

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