Electronic Markers

 3M Electronic Marker Systems (EMS)

3M Electronic Markers are the passive antenna source the 3M underground locator detects when buried alongside the utility being located.

Electronic Markers

By using the EMS markers during installation, construction and maintenance, the facility owner saves time when locating utilities. Markers are color-coded for visual reference to a particular industry (gas, communications, power and water/wastewater), as well as carry an industry-specific frequency.

3M Utility Markers

3M utility markers are passive antennas with no power source to drain. They're composed of a polyethylene exterior which is resistant to water, minerals, chemicals and varying temperatures typically found underground. The electronic marker operates even in the presence of metal, pipe, conduit, conductors, fences, AC power lines, and electronic markers of other utilities.

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3M Markers

3M Ball Markers3M Ball Marker3M iD Markers provide a way to accurately locate underground utilities and can be programmed to write/read customer-specific data such as: facility information, application, date, material, etc.

3M Ball Markers are perfect for many applications. Within the ball, the core floats in a nonhazardous liquid and because of a distinct self-leveling property, when the ball is dropped into a trench the correct orientation is assured.

3M Disk Markers are 4"disks that are not intended for direct burial, instead they are ideal for locating flush mounted facilities. The disks can be fastened to the underside of non-metallic lids or covers of utilities such as manholes or other grade-level enclosures.

3M Near-Surface Markers are ideal for bore holes in asphalt or concrete for marking flush-mounted facilities prior to repaving.

Caution Tape 3M EMS Caution Tape 3M Mini-Markers are designed for marking utilities up to six feet deep. The utility marker has spokes which stabilize it for correct placement.

3M Full-Range Markers are designed for deep underground applications up to eight feet in depth. The marker is 15" wide making it an effective shield to alert an excavator of the sensitive underground utility.

3M EMS Caution Tape provides an easy and effective method to mark and identify the path of underground utilities.


3M Electronic Marker Systems (EMS)