Underground Pipe Locating Equipment

We provide damage prevention solutions for underground utility locating; from tracer wire, locating equipment and markers, to unique detection systems which include acoustic pipe locators and metal joints detectors.

Pro-Line Safety Products offers a line of copper clad steel (CCS) tracer wire under the trade name, PRO-TRACE. The highly flexible copper clad steel locating wire is used in challenging tracer wire applications, including open trench and directional drilling.

Pro-Line Safety Products manufactures PRO-TRACE HDD copper-clad steel (CCS) tracer wire for both open trench and directional boring installations.

PRO-TRACE® Tracer Wire Connectors are ideal for underground splices and connections for tracer wire and other applications not exceeding 300 volts. The corrosion-proof fitting performs better than twist-on connectors and is easier to install.

3M Dynatel underground pipe locator equipment and electronic markers locate below ground utilities, locate faults, and interface with GPS for mapping underground utilities.

3M Electronic Markers are the passive antenna source the 3M underground locator detects when buried alongside the utility being located.