What is Operator Qualification Training?

 In Utility Contractor Services

Operator Qualification Training (OQ) is a safeguard mandated through congress from 1992, currently enforced through Pipeline Safety Acts. Operators must be qualified to ensure the safe transportation of hazardous liquids and gases through pipelines. The burden of getting pipeline operators properly trained lies on private pipelines or contractors.

“To assure safety in the transport of hazardous gases and liquids in the nation’s pipelines, pipeline operators who perform covered tasks must be qualified. Qualified means that an individual has been evaluated and can perform assigned covered tasks and recognize and react to abnormal operating conditions.(1)

The Office of Pipeline Safety (OPS) is the authority for assuring reliable, safe, environmentally-friendly transportation of material within US pipelines. The Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration (PHMSA) oversees the OPS’s program to ensure safe pipeline transportation of natural gas, petroleum, and other hazardous materials.

Some utilities train their employees, utility contractors like Linc Energy Systems train and certify that the candidates meet all of the government’s requirements.

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