Webinar: Honeywell Biomethane to Grid Entry

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RNG producers plan to join this free webinar to learn how Honeywell biomethane to grid entry solutions reduce capital expenditures and operating expenses.

Natural Gas is one of the predominant energy resources across the world. It is vital to use first-class and proven technology for gas quality measurement, pressure control, system automation, and telemetry to safely introduce renewable gases into the gas grid.

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Safeguard Pipeline Integrity with Biomethane to Grid Solutions

Pipeline operators need to keep safety first, as off-spec gas can easily compromise the integrity of a pipeline. Honeywell has over 200 renewable grid injection systems in operation. The company has offered proven and reliable industry-leading solutions for many years. Biomethane is a biogas that has been upgraded to pipeline quality gas. Honeywell grid entry solutions comply with all applicable safety standards, guarantying regulatory compliance.

To be introduced to Honeywell’s cost-effective Biomethane Grid Entry Kiosk, join this free webinar and learn how renewable natural gas producers can benefit from Honeywell OEM Solutions.

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Date: Thursday, February 17, 2022

Time: 11 AM ET (US Eastern Coast time)

Duration: 1 hour

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