The Denver Foundation’s “The Susan M. Bender Family Fund”

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I am pleased to announce that I have set up a charitable foundation within The Denver Foundation in the name of “The Susan M. Bender Family Fund.”

I read somewhere once that serving others is the greatest gift one can give to a recipient and to themselves.

The Susan M. Bender Family Fund

The Denver Foundation’s “The Susan M. Bender Family Fund”I am blessed. I’ve come to realize that my blessing, good fortune, luck, whatever you want to call it, is triggered by something. That something involves circulation. What I mean by this is, the more I give, the more I find myself receiving in return. Let me be clear, if I circulate currency, I may not receive money in return, however, more often than not, I feel that I receive something of much greater value.

Whenever I give of myself, whether it’s time, talent or treasure, one of the upshots is a great joy. That joy is what has moved me to consider a new step in my own stewardship which now includes philanthropy. Those closest to me know that I am not independently wealthy, though I know this is the right thing to do for me and my family.

The Denver Foundation

It is for this reason I started my nonprofit fund through The Denver Foundation to support causes near and dear to my heart, such as underserved children and abused or neglected animals.

I share this with you not to ask for your donation, though if you choose to do so, know that I appreciate you. I share this because it is my hope that you experience the same joy and prosperity that arise when serving and gifting your treasures. If you are in a place to give, I invite you to consider making a tax-deductible donation to “The Susan M. Bender Family Fund ID#11417.” Donations can be done either online or by sending your check to:

The Susan M. Bender Family Fund
c/o The Denver Foundation
Philanthropic Services Group
55 Madison, 8th Floor
Denver, CO 80206

When making a donation online, visit The Denver Foundation, under the Donation Information Designation, use “Other” and write in “The Susan M. Bender Family Fund.”


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