IMAC, Welker & Becker Gas Filter Dryer Element Replacement

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With colder weather fast approaching, it’s time to change out your IMAC, Welker, and Becker gas filter dryer cartridges. Don’t be caught with expensive freeze-ups and calls.

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Gas Filter Dryer Cartridge Replacement

Filter dryers provide filtration and moisture protection of supply gas flowing to instrumentation. The filter dryers require replacement cartridges regularly. Whether your company uses IMAC, Welker, or Becker gas filter dryers, fall is ideal for replacing the filter elements.

IMAC’s filter cartridges fit the IMAC FD-19, FD-4, and FD-5. Additionally, IMAC has filter solutions for the Welker F-19, F-4, and F-5, and the Becker FD-1500.

IMAC FD-5 filter dryer element illustration

IMAC FD-5 filter dryer element illustration

Change other Filters

In addition to changing out the gas filter dryer elements, it’s a great time to replace other filters, including IMAC Bleed Line Deodorizers and Atmospheric Exhaust Filters.

Bleed Line Deodorizers

The IMAC Bleed Line Deodorizers are disposable passive gas scrubbers. The activated charcoal deodorizer installs on the vent port of natural gas control instruments that may bleed gas. The filter removes mercaptan odor from bleed and natural gas vents, reducing leak-call or third-party gas complaints. These deodorizers remove the odor passively when the gas vents through the scrubber and they are not pressure vessels.

Mercaptan Odor Control Exhaust Filter

IMAC Atmospheric Exhaust Filters are natural gas scrubbers that connect to instrumentation vents or bleed systems that vent odorized natural gas, such as instrumentation panels, relief valves, control valves, regulators, pneumatic controllers, and odorant tanks. They use activated charcoal to remove the mercaptan odor. The filters are available in 5-gallon, 15-gallon, 35-gallon, and 55-gallon drums.

If you need a new filter dryer, filter elements, bleed line deodorizers, or atmospheric exhaust filters, send us a message.

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