Honeywell ControlEdge RTU vs the Competition

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Honeywell ControlEdge RTU is EDSA level 2 field asset management. How does it stack up against the competition?

Cybersecurity Compliant – EDSA Level 2

The recent cybersecurity attack at Colonial Pipeline is a good reminder to evaluate your field equipment for cyber compliance.

The Honeywell Process Solutions ControlEdge RTU is EDSA Security Level 2 certified and a 2019 exida Cyber Security Award winner. If you are interested in knowing how the competition stacks up, dare to compare, and you’ll learn there’s a reason why Honeywell is edging out the competition.

You can find a list of IEC-certified components here.

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Honeywell ControlEdge RTU is a next-generation family of controllers providing secure connectivity through all levels of process and business functions, optimized operations, and maintenance efficiencies to meet your diverse automation needs. These controllers additionally provide inherent integration with Experion® systems when needed to provide a fully cohesive automation solution, but how does it stack up against the competition?

Honeywell RTU 2020

honeywell controledge rtu 2020

Honeywell ControlEdge RTU

ControlEdge RTU provides improved field asset management through simplified and efficient remote monitoring, diagnostics, and management. It reduces equipment monitoring and diagnostics from hours to minutes, and integration with Experion SCADA reduces configuration time by up to 80%. The RTU is used in geographically distributed physical asset control and liquid & gas flow computing in industries such as upstream and midstream oil and gas, water, and mining.

Honeywell vs. Emerson, Schneider Electric, or Yokogawa

When comparing the ControlEdge RTU to the competition (Emerson, Schneider Electric, or Yokogawa), the Honeywell RTU has:

  1. The lowest power of consumption (1.7 W) saves the user money.
  2. Hart enabled onboard I/O means better maintenance decisions and faster commissioning without extra money.
  3. Efficient wiring and configuration mean faster, less error-prone installation and less downtime during maintenance.
  4. ControlEdge has extended operating temperature to 75 °C for higher reliability versus 70° C.
  5. Onboard Wireless I/O permits remote bulk firmware upgrades.
  6. Gas and liquid flow compensation on one RTU and in compliance with API 21
  7. Native redundancy means it is ready to go, and the user does not need to buy more hardware.
  8. First in the market with ISASecure Level 2 Certification for redundant and non-redundant controllers.

Honeywell ControlEdge RTU Video

How does the Honeywell RTU stack up against the competition? Simply, very well!

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