Gas Meter Repair and Calibration

Through IMAC Systems, we offer natural gas meter repair and gas meter calibration services for commercial diaphragm, rotary and turbine meters.

IMAC Systems Custom Meter

For over 30 years, IMAC Systems has demonstrated expertise in gas measurement. Combine IMAC's trained staff with advanced proving equipment and you'll find the perfect place for gas meter repair, meter rebuilds or calibration. The company is certified annually to NIST traceable standards and offers quick turnaround.
IMAC also installs other equipment with the meters, such as AMR units, pulse outputs, or Pete's Plugs. This makes it convenient to have your meter accessories installed in one place.They service all gas meters types and sizes, including diaphragm, rotary, and turbine meters.

Gas Meter Rebuilding Service:

In and out testing on certified equipment
Complete inspection and replacement of worn or damaged parts
Complete cleaning and repainting
Pressure testing
Bolt removal and hole repair service as needed
The meter is returned with a one-year warranty and certificate of accuracy
Accessory equipment installed per request (Pulse Kits, Pete's Plugs, etc.)

Gas Meter Repair for:

  • Gas Meter Repair and CalibrationNatural Gas Meter Repair and Calibration ServicesAll commercial size diaphragm meters including American (AMCO / Singer), Sensus (Rockwell / Invensys / Equitable / Pittsburg / EMCO / Equimeter) and Itron (Actaris Sprague / Schlumberger / Metris)
  • All rotary meters including Dresser (LMMA, B3, and TQM style), Romet, Schlumberger (Delta), American, and Instromet
  • All turbine meters including Rockwell (Sensus / Invensys /Equimeter), American, and Elster (as well as many other foreign manufacturers.)
  • American CVM meters and Rockwell RotoSeals
  • Master Meters and Transfer Provers repaired
  • Laboratory test meters (Dry test meters)

Instrument and Meter Calibration Services:

External inspection and cleaning
Internal visual inspection
Lubrication as required
Calibration performed as per original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
In test / out test
Instrument housing painted (optional)
Date of calibration affixed to housing
NIST certificate of calibration (optional)
Limited one-year warranty

Repair and Proving equipment:

  • Rotary and CVM Transfer Provers
  • Sonic Nozzle Provers
  • Bell Provers
  • Differential test bench
  • Temperature calibration bench

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Article of Interest:

Gas meter repair and calibration business is growing
In a down economy, repair and maintenance businesses are normally up, which is true for IMAC Systems who specializes in natural gas meter repair and calibration.