Gas meter repair and calibration business is growing

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During “interesting” economic times, we often hear about budget cuts and layoffs, but there is one area of business that usually does well in a down economy—repair and maintenance. This is true for at least one company specializing in natural gas meter repair and calibration, especially commercial meters.

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One of our principals, IMAC Systems, has been repairing and calibrating commercial gas meters for years. The company has indicated its repair and calibration work has recently grown tremendously. It is no secret that repairing usually costs less than buying new. For this reason, utility companies usually have their own repair departments, but with cutbacks, some companies are outsourcing services, including meter repair and calibration. In addition to this, IMAC Systems is picking up overflow work and other repair business as well.

While some meter manufacturers repair and calibrate its products, the OEM repair cost is high, so finding a gas measurement specialty company equipped to handle the job is an easy way to save. According to Nicholas Kohart of IMAC Systems, they serve a large number of Roots Rotary Meters because they are “less expensive, faster, and do a superior job.” Kohart further suggests that some manufacturers cannot or will not repair some older models that still have useful life left, like the American CVM. Additionally, the “Dresser LMMA is the best meter Dresser ever built,” yet the OEM does not want to repair the older models; they’d prefer to replace them with newer models. “Utilities love this meter, and they’re abundant,” Kohart says. “They can have many years of service left. We’re happy to repair them.”

Meters after repair and calibration by IMAC Systems


IMAC Systems repairs most large meters. They work on any brand or size of rotary meters and specialize in American and Sensus turbine meters as well as any large 750/800 + diaphragm meters.

For over 30 years, IMAC Systems has demonstrated expertise in gas measurement. Combine IMAC’s trained personnel with state-of-the-art proving equipment, and you’ll find the right place to perform your gas meter repair and maintenance. The company is certified annually to NIST traceable standards and offers quick turnaround on meter repairs, rebuilds, and calibrations.

IMAC Systems also installs other equipment such as AMR units or adds pulse output or Pete’s Plugs, which makes it convenient to get your meter needs in one place. For more information on IMAC’s rebuild, repair, or calibration services, request a quote.

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    Anirudha Telkikar

    Dear Susan,
    I am Anirudha Telkikar for India. We are in Process control automation and calibration services.
    In India we have large number of Domastic and Industrial comsumers of CNG. These meters are not calibrated after installation for years. There seems no regulatory guide lines from Government, for the distribution compaines for mandatory calibration after prodic intervals. This may be due to absance of practical method to undertake the large number of domastic meters. Can you share youe thoughts on it.

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