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IMAC Systems provides gas meter repair and calibration services on commercial gas meters, mainly rotary, diaphragm, and turbine gas meters. Linc Energy Systems is an authorized representative of IMAC Systems.

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Gas Meter Repair and Calibration

While a handful of companies offer gas meter repair and calibration services, including OEM manufacturers (Dresser/American Meter/Romet/Sensus), few provide the advantages of one of our long-time principals, IMAC Systems.

Does your gas meter repair shop offer this?

  1. Repair of different meter brands, styles, and vintages
  2. State-of-the-art provers, with an extensive proving capacity (from low-flow bell provers and sonic-nozzle provers to Model 5 Transfer provers including one with a capacity of 80,000 CFH)
  3. Meter testing completed to OEM specifications with multiple flowrate calibration
  4. Flexibility in offerings (simple meter flush, complete rebuild, drilling out broken flange bolts, adding AMI equipment, installing a pulse output)
  5. Large inventory of OEM parts and accessories for repairs
  6. Quick turnaround
  7. Competitive pricing with warranties
  8. High-quality craftsmanship with vast and broad experience
  9. In-house machine shop cable of manufacturing discontinued parts (while other shops may scrap the meter)

Batch Flow not Assembly Line

IMAC Systems specializes in the larger capacity (commercial and industrial) meters over residential meters. One highly trained technician services each meter through a batch flow process, and quality control checks are in place, with a final supervisor inspection to ensure the meter meets the highest standards.

Gas Meter Repair and Calibration of Commercial Meters
Meters after repair and calibration by IMAC Systems

Expertise to Find the Best Solution

IMAC Systems’ vast knowledge permits the company to be flexible in finding the best solution for each repair. They offer service contracts with some companies. Other solutions that have proven to be creative and beneficial include IMAC buying the meter in-need-of-repair, rebuild it, rebadge, and sell it back to the customer, permitting the user to treat it as a capital expense, rather than a repair.

Meter Types Repaired

The following are common meters that IMAC Systems repairs:

Rotary Meters

Diaphragm Meters

Turbine Meters

(All sizes, styles and pressure ratings) (400 Series and larger-all styles and pressure ratings) (All sizes, styles and pressure ratings)
  • Dresser (LMMA, B3, TQM)
  • Romet
  • American Meter (RABO, RPM, CVM)
  • Elster-Instromet
  • American Meter
  • Sensus (formerly Rockwell, Equimeter, Invensys)
  • Itron (formerly Actaris, Sprague, Schlumberger)
  • Sensus (formerly Rockwell, Equimeter, Invensys)
  • American Meter
  • Elster-Instromet
  • FMG

OEM Instruction

IMAC has an excellent reputation and vast knowledge and trains students at major trade schools, and even personnel at meter manufacturers for their own equipment.

IMAC Buys Surplus Industrial Meters

IMAC also purchases surplus or used commercial and industrial meters from utility companies.

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For over thirty years, Linc Energy Systems has represented IMAC Systems. If you require a meter repaired or calibrated, or a new meter, message us, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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    In India we have large number of Domastic and Industrial comsumers of CNG. These meters are not calibrated after installation for years. There seems no regulatory guide lines from Government, for the distribution compaines for mandatory calibration after prodic intervals. This may be due to absance of practical method to undertake the large number of domastic meters. Can you share youe thoughts on it.

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