Natural Gas Odorizer, Odorization and Odorant Injection Systems

GPL logoGPL Odorizers designs, manufactures and services odorization systems for natural gas. Unlike other natural gas odorant injection systems, the GPL odorizer is ventless and does not discharge gas into the atmosphere. The equipment is self-contained and by not releasing gas, pipeline fuel is saved, safety is improved, and leak call complaints are reduced because of the reduction in odor.

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The GPL 750 odorizer is an eco-friendly approach to accurate, optimal and consistent gas odorization for low-volume (even no-flow) and intermittent-flow applications.

The GPL 10000 odorizer is the eco-friendly odorant injection system that meets the demands of nearly all pipeline applications, and ideal for high-volume and high-pressure applications. The 10000 is ideal for high-volume and high-pressure applications. With a 100:1 turndown ratio, the system injects precise quantities (0.2% accuracy) of liquid odorant across the entire operating range, in both continuous and batch modes.


The GPL Z9000 is an eco-friendly feature-rich odorizer that helps customers escape the operational complexities associated with other odorizers or the odorization process.

Zeck Systems Z10000 Odorant Injection System provides accurate natural gas odorization from 10,000 to 10,000,000 SCFH at pressures up to 1480 PSI.

We currently are the master distributor for GPL Odorizers, formerly known as Sentry Equipment Corp Odorant Injection Systems and Zeck Systems Odorization.

Zeck Systems manufactures odorant injection systems for odorizing natural gas, where pipeline damage prevention begins.