Natural Gas Odorizer, Odorization and Odorant Injection Systems

GPL logoGPL Odorizers designs, manufactures, and services odorization systems for natural gas. Unlike other natural gas odorant injection systems, the GPL odorizer is ventless and does not discharge gas into the atmosphere. The equipment is self-contained, and by not releasing gas, it saves pipeline fuel, improves safety, and reduces leak-call complaints because of the reduction in odor.

GPL Odorizers uses advanced technology, permitting the user to save time and money through remote monitoring, offering real-time mobile alerts, and effective reporting. The systems are precise and dependable over a wide range of volumes. The simple designs are cost-effective, competitively priced and easy to maintain and operate.

The two main GPL models offer precise odorant injection for most applications.

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The GPL 750 uses patented drip technology, providing precise odorization in low-flow (even no-flow) and intermittent-flow applications.

The GPL 10000 is for high-pressure and high-flow applications at transmission companies and large city gate stations.


Please note that the GPL Z9000 has been replaced by the GPL 750 Odorant Injection System.

The Zeck Z10000 odorant injection system is now the GPL 10000. Zeck Systems originally manufactured the Z10000 odorant injection system to provide gas odorization in applications of high-pressure and high-volume applications at transmission companies. In 2010 Sentry Equipment acquired Zeck Systems, and GPL Odorizers bought the odorization product line in 2015.

The Zeck Z9000 optical odorant injection system has been discontinued and replaced by the GPL 750.